Body Temple Arts

Sexuality is our creative energetic expression and in our culture we are only given permission to experience a small fraction of our fullest energetic potential. When approached sacredly, consciously and with heart centered presence, our embodied sexual energy has the power to heal, transform and empower our lives. Our sexual energy returns us to our connection with Source, nature and the great movers of the universe. When we know deeply our most authentic, sexual and sensual nature and celebrate it, we return to our truest nature, which is that of Love. The more embodied and sensually, sexually self-aware we are, the more permission we have to be turned on, fully present, embodiments of Love.

I offer Heart-centered Ceremonies and Educational Teachings around Consent, Somatic Awareness, Sacred Sexuality and Embodied Pleasure. When our sexuality is expressed authentically and from a place of love, we have the power to transform and heal ourselves, others and the Earth.

I’ve been called a High Priestess of Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Courtesan, Embodiment of the Divine Mother, Sensual Shaman and Naked Yoga Goddess and even Grandmother to the Naked Yoga Movement. That’s a lot to live up to! In reality and beyond those projections, I offer individuals support who desire more confidence and ease in the areas of embodiment, intimacy and sacred sexuality. I am dedicated to reclaiming the body as a sacred consort and supporting the channels of deep listening around body spirit consciousness. I am here to celebrate the sacredness, beauty, power and pleasure, and sometimes the pain, discomfort and awkwardness and of living fully in the human body with Divine Purpose.

I’ve studied with many wonderful teachers and guides over the years including Institute for the Study of Sexual Somatic Education, Kenneth Ray Stubbs Phd, Dr. Deborah Anapol, Betty Martin, Susun Weed, Anyaa McAndrews, Amara Charles, Tammy Nelson, Gina Odgen, Barbara Carellas, Reverend Goddess Charmaine, Bishop EveLynn Maurine and my first and most cherished mentor Suzanne d’Corsey.

I have undergone a five-year apprenticeship as a Priestess. I am initiated as a Sexual Shaman, certified as a teacher of Pelvic Heart Integration, Ordained as a Bishop in the Madonna Ministry and apprenticed as an herbalist in the Wise Woman tradition of Western Herbalism. I am a pillar for the naked yoga movement in the west and am the founder of Naked Yoga Alliance – an international resource network for the practice of naked yoga. My classes and work have been featured in Metromix, Timeout, Jane Magazine, NY Post, N Magazine, AANR, Tantra Café, NY Spirit, N Magazine, Fox News, BBC, Elle Magazine, Marie Claire, MSNBC, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan.

Sessions - MEN

Ceremonial and educational sacred sexuality practices for men who desire to increase confidence and ease in the area of sexuality, intimacy and relationship.

In our sacred space and time together sessions may include:

~ Building confidence and ease in touch and partner-based intimacy.

~ Support in beginning a relationship or returning to relationship after experiencing divorce, infidelity, religious restriction or disability

~ Learning the art of giving and receiving through deep connected presence, consent and heart-centered touch.

~ Transforming destructive relationship patterns into new heart-centered possibilities.

~ Cultivating techniques for reducing sexual performance related anxiety.

~ Re-patterning early or rapid ejaculation into expanded orgasm and non-goal oriented whole body pleasure

~Heart centered somatic explorations for those interested in kink and BDSM and desire safety and the sacred.

An introductory session is 75 minutes. Please email to inquire and for scheduling.

Sessions - Women

I“I feel there is something unexplored about woman, that only a woman can explore.” ~ Georgia O’Keeffe

A woman alive in her passion and pleasure is an unstoppable force. Sessions for women consciously seek to nourish and celebrate women’s creative, spiritual, sensual and sexual self-expression, health and wholeness.

In our time together, you will open to deeper levels of giving and receiving and expand the pleasure palette for play and sensual self-expression.

In our sacred space and time together sessions may include:

  • Somatic Pelvic Floor Exercises for Toning and Tension Release
  • Sexual Energy Cultivations Techniques
  • Herbal Allies for Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Sensual Embodiment Meditations & Energy Practices
  • Sexual Somatic Breath and Bodywork
  • Healing the Feminine Ancestral Lineage

I offer a 90 minute introductory session to see if this work resonates with you.


“Relationships are the yoga of the West.”~ Ram Dass

Relating to sex, intimacy and relationship with our beloved is quite natural, and yet we as humans make this endlessly complicated. In relating, we are met with all of our wounds, expectations, habitual patterns and blocks to intimacy. A couple’s sessions creates an environment together for both of you to explore relating through sensual touch meditations and sexual energy cultivation practices and create more opportunities to explore pleasure, play and the erotic energy present between you. You and your beloved will open to deeper levels of giving and receiving and will expand your pleasure and intimacy palette in new ways giving you the opportunity to connect on an even deeper more profound and intimate level. Each of you will gain a greater understanding of your and your partner's authentic desires and how to break away from any previous developed patterns that have created stagnancy or are not serving the relationship.

In our sacred space sessions may include:

  • Conscious Giving & Conscious Receiving
  • Sexual Energy Cultivation Techniques
  • Ecstatic Breathing Practices
  • Transforming Sexual Dysfunction into Sexual Possibilities

Ceremonies are 2 hours and can be created in your home or at my private temple space.

Longer Immersive sessions may also be available. Please inquire.

Naked Yoga

Naked Yoga ~ A celebration of beauty, freedom and yoga.

Naked Yoga is a deeply intimate and liberating practice that nourishes body, mind and spirit. All body types and levels of yoga experience are welcome. This deep meditative practice begins with a disrobing ceremony and includes meditation and gentle individual, partnered and assisted yoga poses to bring about relaxation and peaceful embodiment. The absence of clothes in this yoga practice weaves together naturist and yogic philosophy that aims to bring about increased freedom, intimacy and relaxation in the yoga practice.

Our time together is safe, nourishing and judgement free. A yoga practice will be designed for your body's unique needs.

PRIVATE SESSIONS for individuals and couples.

No Group Classes at this time.

Email for more information.

For more information and resources and possibly classes in your area, please check out Naked Yoga Alliance.



Sexual Energy Medicine Wheel Wisdom For Men over 45.

Have you noticed some changes to your sexual energy, life force vitality and erectile health? You are not the man you were 10, 20, 30 years ago - THANK GOD! Can you imagine if you didn’t change, grow or evolve in the past decades? Your sexual energy and pleasure possibilities want to evolve just as your mind and soul do too! These medicine wheel wisdom teachings support you in ushering in new paradigms of pleasure and opening to more erotic possibilities that are holistic and energy focused.

~ Increase Awareness, Circulation & Pleasure in the Pelvic Floor

~ Yoga Practices for Sexual Health & Wellness

~ Pursuing Pleasure Beyond Peak Experiences

~ Sexual Chakra Energy Wisdom Teachings

~ Yin & Yang Breath & Fire Breath Orgasm Activation

~ Elemental Energy Practices to Harmonize and Expand Pleasure

~ Sexual Sage Shamanic Journey

5 session series online via Zoom 6pm-7pm EST Mondays starting Feb 12th, 2024.

Email for more info


“Ceremony is how we remember to remember.” ~ Robin Wall Kimmerer

Ceremonies are sacred rituals that mark transition, transformation and celebration in our lives. As a ceremonialist I have co-created numerous rituals over the years to support and mark the important passage and transformation of the human soul as it moves into its next cycle of life.

Hand-fasting, Vow Renewal, and Wedding & Commitment Ceremony

Conscious couples have sacred intentions, agreements and purpose. A commitment ceremony is a time to clarify and create intentions for your relationship and its future and to create a sacred and personalized ritual to celebrate and honor those agreements.

Uncoupling Ceremony

For one or both partners who are ready to transition, have transitioned or need support through the transition of separating from a primary partner. Cord cutting, calling back the lost pieces of the soul, confronting the wounded masculine and feminine, forgiveness rituals and unconditional love meditations to assist in transition.

Seasonal Rituals

Seasonal Ceremonies and celebrations honor the shift in the seasons paired with the shift in our lives when we connect ourselves deeply to the seasons. Celebrated on Solstices, Equinoxes and cross quarter days, on new and full moons in groups of three or more.


Please take the time to review the information below.

~ I am based in midcoast Maine and sometimes visit Massachusetts.

~ I welcome working with individuals and couples ages 21 and older of any gender, race, sexual orientation and religious backgrounds.

~ When contacting me, respectful, clear, well-worded text messages and emails are welcome. Texts generally receive a same day response. Emails may take longer. If you do not hear back from me, please be persistent - sometimes things get lost in the age of information.

~Our time together can be deeply soul stirring and intimate, however, it is not a substitute being in relationship. All touch is for educational purposes. This is not therapeutic massage, psychotherapy or medical treatment.

~ Sacred Time: Be Respectful. Do not arrive early and please text as soon as possible if you realize you’re going to be late.

~ Cancellations require 24 hours notice. If there is a cancelation under 24 hours notice there is a $50 later cancel fee. If you no call / no show you are expected to pay for the session.

~ To respect our sacred space, all cellphones and personal electronics will remain OFF during our time together.

~ To best prepare for our time together, please come freshly showered and avoid heavy foods, alcoholic beverages and non-prescription drugs and mind-altering substances the day of our session. Please come hydrated and plan on drinking lots of water afterwards.

~ For our energy exchange, I accept cash or Venmo and for Maine residents sometimes trade. If you have access to an excavator, farm equipment or building materials etc, let's talk.

~ Discounts may be available for students, seniors, veterans and people with disabilities who demonstrate financial need. Please inquire.

I deeply look forward to our time together and feel truly blessed to be able to share these sacred and transformative practices with you.

Isis Phoenix


Phone: 646-460-9397 between 9am-6pm EST. Polite text messages are welcome.